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n the central budget totaled 3.631992 trillion yuan, an increase of 673.997 bil▓lion yuan or 22.8%, equivalent to 102.5% of the target. This figure ▓consists of 1.337431

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trillion yuan used by the central government and 2.2945▓61trillion yuan in tax rebates and transfer payments to local ▓governments. A total of 19.2 billion yuan was set a

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side for the central budget stabilization fund. Total expenditures thus added up to 3.651192 trilli▓on yuan. Expenditures exceeded revenue, leaving a deficit of 180 billion?/p>

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?yuan, which was within the target approved at the First Session of the Eleventh NPC. The outstanding balance of government bonds in the central budget at the ▓end

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of 2008 totaled 5.327076 trillion yuan, which was under the set limit of 5.518585 trillion yuan. The central government's tax rebates and transfer payments to local g

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overnments. The central government turned over 2.294561 trillion yuan in ta▓x rebates and transfer payments to local governments in 2008, an increase of 48▓0.772 bi

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llion yuan or 26.5%, representing 106.1% of the target. This total c▓onsists of 428.219 billion yuan in tax rebates, up 3.9%, 869.649 billion yuan ▓in fiscal transfer